How It Works

When you sign up for Innocent Kit, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and presents. Each box includes an Exclusive Innocent Bones kit along with beautiful stationary and lifestyle gifts. 

Step 1

Monthly or One Off?

Decide if you would like to sign up to a monthly subscription and receive an Innocent Kit Box each month, or if you would prefer to buy a one off.

Step 2

We Get to Work...

We start the process of putting together your Innocent Kit for you. Each month we work with an independent UK designer/illustrator and carefully select your gorgeous goodies!

Step 3

Get a package!

On the 15th of each month we send out our monthly subscription boxes. If you decide to purchase a One Off box this ships in 3-5 days. Most of our boxes fit straight through your letterbox (unless we include something REALLY special)

Innocent Kit & Innocent Bones - As Seen In